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NEW Finishes

Most years there have been several new colors that were showcased at the annual Amish Furniture Expo, but this year there were quite a few finishes that were designed to impress those looking for something unique.

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Oak Finishes

Oak is a classic wood type with a pronounced open grain that takes stain beautifully. The stain absorbs into this open grain becoming darker where the grain is closed and lighter where the grain is more open. It is very durable with a good wear resistance. The grain pattern can help hide minor dents and wear. This is an ideal choice if you desire a warm and more traditional look.

Brown Maple Finishes

Brown Maple's smooth grain offers a more contemporary look and accepts stain beautifully. A lighter stain will best showcase the natural range of grain color while a darker stain will blend the grain colors together. Although a hardwood, it is more prone to scratches and dents with heavy use. A very popular wood for furniture as a dark stain creates a polished formal look while a lighter stain and paint achieves the look of country chic. The smooth textured grain blends well with other heavier grained pieces in your home.

Cherry Finishes

Cherry has a uniform grain and some interesting grain patterns. When sanded, stained and polished it produces a beautiful smooth finish. Cherry ranges from light to dark reddish brown before a stain and will darken upon exposure to light. It has a rich history of being prodominantly used in high end furniture worldwide.

1/4 Sawn White Oak Finishes

Quarter Sawn White Oak has a unique grain pattern which is achieved by cutting the wood at a 90 degree angle to the tree's growth rings which produces a tight grain with dramatic light and dark tones. It is very durable with great wear resistance and the grain paattern helps to hide minor dents. Furniture made from Quarter Sawn White Oak can add a craftsmen style look to your home.

Specialty Woods

Includes Elm, Hickory and Walnut woods.

Lifestyles Finishes

Includes Brown Maple, Cherry and 1/4 Sawn White Oak woods.
Lifestyles finishes utilize up to a five layer application. This time intensive process creates a unique artistic look. Specialty finishes can include distressing, burnishes, paints and glazes.