Custom Furniture Design and Woodworking

Do you have an idea for a new kind of solid wood furniture piece that you need? Signature Fine Furniture works with the very best furniture builders - and they are always looking to add new ideas to their product lines. Moreover, this is something that can be done at a surprisingly affordable price.

Here's how it works. Provide us with a rough sketch of your idea showing the size, features and preferred wood (you need not be a draftsperson, just do your best!) - or give us a good written description and a reference photo you've found and provide some description "like this one but with an extra drawer). We'll then provide a reasonable ballpark estimate of the cost of the whole project, we'll give you set a design estimate for approval. If you choose to proceed, we then turn your rough sketch into a precise design with a fixed quotation and timeline for the entire project. We can also provide samples of wood stains for you to decide on the grain and colour you prefer.

Please scroll down for some examples of our custom-designed furniture pieces.

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