Why Amish Furniture?

Hey, maybe you aren't the proud owner of a piece of solid wood amish furniture and you may be wondering what the big deal is. Why Amish furniture?

When it comes to making furniture the Amish have quite a reputation.  Words like quality that lasts forever, meticulously handcrafted, functionality and durability, and 100% wood are just a few.  This is not perception - it is reality.

There is pride in making a piece of furniture worthy of a place in your family for generations as well as a responsibility felt to the craft.  Each piece of wood is hand selected with the end result in mind.  Over an 8 to 10 week period these pieces of wood are handcrafted into a beautiful and functional piece of timeless beauty.

The best woods, finishes and techniques as well as incredible attention to detail are what set Amish furniture far apart from others.  Check the big box stores and imported furniture.  You just won't find the care and handcrafted details.

One of these details is mortise and tenon joinery.  Not popular in factory furniture although achieves lasting results.  This method creates a very strong joint and prevents the joint from coming loose.  This is most commonly used in Craftsman style furniture.

The practice of dovetailing all the drawer boxes can not be matched for strength.  Although time consuming, all drawers and bed rail slats are made this way to ensure the strongest joint possible.  Once these joints are pushed together no amount of pulling can separate them.  

One detail you won't be able to see but can appreciate is a 7 step catalyzed varnish finish.  The top of the line conversion varnish is the toughest and most durable finish in the furniture industry today with excellent resistance to water, scratching, common household spills, alcohol, yellowing and marring.

No more slamming drawers and doors.  We bet you won't miss that!  Soft close is a standard on our furniture.  Full extension metal drawer slides are mounted underneath the drawers for a nice clean appearance when open. 

Have we mentioned solid wood?  Yes, I believe so.

Its all the details - some hidden some not - that make amish furniture able to stand the test of time and worthy of a place in your home.  Buy it once.  Buy it for life.