What is Freedom?

We’ve been hearing and seeing a lot about freedom and what that means.  Maybe you are following what is happening in the Convoy to Ottawa 2022 and have heard much about it.  There are a lot of opinions and debates about it, we know there are many differences when it comes to this time we are in.
We don’t want to politicize our business, but we also don’t want to stand by mutely and watch from the sidelines.  We know many truckers, we come from a family of truckers, that have been in the trucking industry for decades.  We understand the importance of their work, their service.  Our business is directly affected by the mandates enforced on the trucking industry because we bring our furniture from Indiana the same way that truckers bring their loads across.
convoy in mb
We are very grateful to live in a country that values freedom, though we feel like those freedoms have been compromised in the last couple of years.  We realize that it has affected everyone at some point in some way.  We know because we have been affected in many ways.  
We are one of the thousands of businesses that are dealing with the fallout due to all the restrictions and the regulations that are controlling what people do and where they spend their money now.  We understand the fear that many have, fear of an uncertain future.   The mandates have negatively affected us as a business in a big way and thus affected our families livelihood.  Many of you know the same. 
That makes us all the more grateful for your support during the last couple of years!  We wouldn't be here without you, our customers!  Thank you!
We want the division to end.  We want people to be united as one country again and be free.  The freedoms we enjoy in this country are vital to everyone's day to day living, from big corporations to the corner gas station to the local coffee shop.  In joining in on this peaceful convoy protest, we show our support for these people, our neighbours.
We choose hope.  We choose to believe that better things are coming.  We choose to keep going and bring you the best furniture we know of!  We choose to give you the best experience that we can give as you shop for your home furnishings!
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Canada True North Strong And Free