What do you remember?

This month we remember. We remember that many have given their life in service to our country. We honour those who serve/served and their families. We are so thankful to live in a country where we still have our freedoms and we acknowledge the sacrifice that was made for us!

We also remember that it’s been a year since we opened up our second location in Bragg Creek and how optimistic and excited we were for this great opportunity; having no idea of the challenges that year would bring. With this pandemic we have faced closures, as have many businesses,  constant changing regulations and less people coming in to our business.  

We have also faced challenges as a family and since we are a family run business, this affected us in every area. Personal loss and grief. Changes to the business. Roles changing. Through all the hard times, we stick together. We hold each other up and we support each other.

We believe very firmly that we are stronger together, that we are blessed when we live in obedience to God and this is what keeps us going through the hardest of times.

We remember the challenges, we remember the sacrifice and we look forward to a future filled with hope. We hope that you also remember what was, what is and remember you have a future to look forward to.