New Amish Furniture Trends for 2020

Finally: The annual Northern Indiana Woodworkers Association Expo was green lit after being delayed by COVID-19!  I was so excited to go that the owner and I drove the nearly 2800 km straight from Calgary to Shipshewana in just two days. Due to our store schedule we arrived for the second and final day of the Expo. No worries though, all the furniture builders were still present and in great spirits.  We chatted with as many as we could, and the day went by in a blink.

As you might guess, I love all wood furniture of all kinds. It was exciting to see that each booth contained the latest styles and designs. Here are a few of the highlights:

      • Indigo stain. The first thing I noticed this year were new stain colours. They were visible in every booth.  Indigo is now a popular stain, and it is amazing to see how different wood types show such a variety character and beauty when paired with the new indigo stain.

        • Sit-Stand desks. Adjustable height desks are now popular, even for home offices.   This must be related to the expectation that a lot people are going to be working from home for the longer haul. We ordered one for our showroom.
            • Rough sawn wood. Rough sawn furniture is making huge waves in the furniture world.  It shows off the natural beauty of the wood, and makes it impossible to confuse with veneered furniture.
            • Metal infusion into wood designs. Quite a few designers are incorporating metal in their furniture designs. This gives it a bit more industrial chic which looks very cool.


          Overall it was so good to meet and chat with the dedicated furniture makers who have lived and breathed furniture through multiple generations. Some are somber and reserved, while others could be top salespeople in any store! But they are all such genuine people. They care about each retail store owner that comes through, and while we are one of their smaller buyers, they were all extremely gracious with us.

          My next job? Bringing these new products to our website and showroom for you to see. We expect to see these new products arrive around the end of August. Check back again soon.