Meet the Bergen's

Meet the Bergen's

We have some big changes in our family business. The oldest child from Jake and Myrna Bartsch has decided to join our business along with her husband and 2 sons. Let me introduce you to James and Vanessa Bergen, with their 2 boys, Vaughn and Wyatt.

Vanessa is the oldest of the Bartsch clan and married James in August of 2011 in Steinbach MB. The two have had many adventures since. Some of those include working in Mexico for multiple months in 2012, there first son Vaughn joining them in 2013, there second son Wyatt joining in 2015, and starting their own painting business in 2019. Now the family made the decision to start yet another adventure and moved to Cochrane AB on July 1 2021. If you have ever done such a big move you know the joys and challenges that are included in a move like that. After a long time of sorting and packing all belongings, came the hard task of saying good bye to friends and family. Once all tears (happy and sad) where dried the family and the dog jumped in the car to make the long drive to their new home. The rest of the summer will be filled with learning a new job and getting settled, but also with lots of fun with Jerome’s and Ofelia’s family that already live in Alberta.

But what will they do for the business???

James will be the new Store Manager of the Bragg Creek location, while Ofelia (current Store Manager) will take the summer off to spend with her family. James has much experience in Customer service and brings a lot of great ideas and new perspective to the store. Vanessa will join the “behind the scenes” and bury herself in our paperwork :). Just kidding you will have lots of opportunity to see her in the Bragg Creek store and get to know her.


All in all, we are nothing less but pumped to work side by side with the Bergen’s. They bring many gifts and talents that we welcome with open arms. Stop at the Bragg Creek Store to say Hi and welcome them.