Is It Spring Yet?

It is March already, can you believe it?  March means thoughts and plans for spring start taking over!  For the gardeners, seeds are bought and planters started inside.  For the hikers, mud is becoming more the norm on the trails than snow.  For the commuters, it means slush and more slush!   It is a wonderful feeling, to see spring approach ever so slowly!

For us, March means the annual builders Expo!  This is where all the newest and latest design pieces get showcased and we always come home with new pieces, new looks.  We look forward to talking with all the different builders and hearing their excitement and passion for their latest creations.  This is one our favourite times of year! 

Jake and Jerome get to experience face to face time with each one of our builders and also meet some new ones!  We can't wait to see what this year's event will bring us.

The builders have had an incredibly busy year and have a hard time keeping up with all the orders, which has affected our customers wait time.  We know this can be frustrating, it is for us too. 

Yet, we love that more people are seeing the value in this type of furniture and are buying!  Furniture that is built from real northern wood, furniture that is built to last for generations, furniture that looks as good as any trendy, modern furniture, yet its quality surpasses that of most modern day furniture.

We hope that as you see signs of spring popping up, you'll pop in at either of our locations to discover what is new here.  We love our customers coming in!