Happy Father's Day!

June is the month we celebrate our fathers and we want to take this time to honour our dad, Jake Bartsch.

Our dad has been a solid presence all our lives.  Though quiet-spoken, he managed to get his lessons across in a very hands on way.  He was always working on something, from farming to mechanics to projects on the yard or in the house, he was always fixing or making something.  And he often had one of us kids hanging around him, helping out or just watching.   This taught us the meaning of work and the reward that hard work brings.  It taught us to be creative and look for solutions to problems we faced. 

He showed his love through his actions and over the years he also became more comfortable saying it as well.  We saw how he and our mom worked together and overcame great obstacles in life.  Their love is our legacy.  He supported our dreams even when he didn't understand them or thought our ideas were unlikely to happen.  He was the realist in our family, that kept us grounded.  

The family has grown and we see how he takes time for his grandkids and shows interest in their different interests.  He loves on them and often has them hanging around him on different projects, just like we did as kids.  They love their grandpa and are learning from watching him too!

He also showed us that it's never too late to realize a dream.  He and mom have dreamed of owning this furniture store and for over a decade that dream was not fulfilled.  But when God opens the door, impossible things can happen and that's what it felt like when the opportunity opened up for them to take over ownership of Signature Fine Furniture. 

Now, that dream has become reality.  Through the ups and downs of the last couple of years, they have kept the faith that this business has been given to them for a purpose.  And they live out that faith every day!  We see this purpose fulfilled in many different ways in our customers, in our family and in the community.

Happy Father's Day,