Happy Canada Day!

It's officially summer and we are so excited for this season!  We see a lot more people out enjoying the beautiful weather!

We had a company retreat in June and spent several days in the mountains out of cell range!  It was awesome! We had a great time connecting and spending time together that did not involve work.  We were reminded that we are family first and business second.  And we do not want to take that for granted.  As a family run business, it can be a challenge to keep work and family separate and it is good for us to take time to do exactly that. 

It is also the time we celebrate our country, Canada!  We have been reminded, more so in recent times, what a privileged country we live in.  We have freedoms many others don't.  Our ancestors came to Canada for religious freedom from a country that no longer honoured that right.  So that makes this day really special to us.  

We have seen what loss of freedom does in other countries and we know the cost of that.  We are the legacy of people searching for the freedom to live in a way that they choose.  We have also seen the cost of what fighting to keep that freedom is.  And it is not something we take lightly! 

We hope you have a really great summer and that you stop by one of our locations to see what is new!  We love to see your faces!

Happy Canada Day!