Getting to know the Amish

Every 6 weeks Jake and Myrna Bartsch make their way to the Amish community in Indiana and it is always a delight.
When you drive into Shipshewana, the first thing you will notice is their horses and black buggies driving beside the highway. The Amish believe that living in harmony with nature and each other is what God intended for us humans. That has been their goal for over 300 years. They do not believe technology is bad, but instead are carefully considering the impact of everything they adopt into their way of life, always checking if it falls in line with their values.
All of our builders and finishers use modern technology to build and design their furniture, making sure to stay on top of the newest trends to design their pieces. And at the same time they prefer simple living, plain dress, manual labor, humility and their buggies :). It is inspiring to see.
One thing we can learn from the Amish is how they value family. A lot of the builders have been building furniture for generations. It is common to see up to 3 generations in one shop at a time. Even the kids will help out when they are not in school. On the other side you will not see anyone in their shops on the weekend. Weekends are set aside for family and it truly brings balance to their lives. The way the Amish can combine family and work is simply special.
Their values of simple living, manual labor and humility, comes out in their furniture building as well. Their building process is not rushed, but instead focuses on good resources and quality craftsmanship. And you can see it in every piece.