All about the the New 2021 Designs

May 1 2021
Another year has passed and so in March Jake and Jerome were off to the annual Amish Furniture Expo. At this expo the Amish craftsmen get to show their new 2021 designs and they truly did an amazing job. As soon as the doors opened it was a race to one of our favourite builders A&J Woodworking to secure a trunk and entrance bench to take home directly after the show. Within 1h every piece the builders had brought to the show had been sold and they took many orders. We were thrilled to see such a change from last year’s Expo, which was rather slow because of due to Covid-19.
Here are some of the new designs we found at the show:
Live Edge River Style Table
This table is made with 2 live edge Walnut slaps and the center is filled with blue epoxy to give the appearance of a flowing river.
Wenden Pet Cabinet
This piece has Soft Close Barn Door Hardware, Powder Coated Aluminum Slats and Pad.
Shown in Oak | Coming to our showroom soon
Finnely Sofa Table
This sofa table can also be used as TV stand and can have a media shelf added.
This design also comes with matching Bookshelf’s in multiple sizes.
Shown in Rustic Hickory | Available in our showroom
Merrick Beverage Centre
This Beverage Centre comes with a garbage drawer and lots of storage space. There is LED lighting behind the glass doors and room for wine glasses and coffee cups.
Shown in ¼ Saw White Oak | Coming to our showroom soon
Considering all Covid-19 restrictions and changes over the last 12 months, we were even more eager to speak to our suppliers and ask how their year has been. In our blog Our Pandemic Sage from last year we mentioned that all suppliers had to stop producing due to government regulations. Around May of last year, production started up and none of us could have predicted what came next. It was so great to hear that, even though solid wood has always had its place in the furniture world, it has been on high demand in the last 6 months. Our Amish friends have been busier than ever. 
This higher demand can create a longer waiting time for some ordered pieces, but to make up for that the builders have created a Quick Ship Catalog. We are excited to get on board with this program and already have some of the items ready for you on our website. We can get the quick ship products into our store within 5-7 weeks from the day you order. Take a look here:
The expo was a real encouragement and we have returned to Calgary with many ideas. We will keep you up to date with this monthly newsletter and you can also follow us on social media Facebook and Instagram.