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Our Pandemic Saga

Dear Customers and Friends, Just as I’m sure you have, my family has done a lot of adjusting in our daily schedule since the start of the pandemic. First, the schools closed down, so our 6-year-old daughter, Seraphim had to be home-schooled. My wife Anja now works 30 hours a week from home as a Children’s Director for a community church while also making sure Seraphim gets through all the assignments sent by the teacher. Damien, our 3-year-old, has endless energy and was a little sad not being able to go to his daycare lady. As for me, the beginning of the pandemic meant long hours alone at the store, and feeling generally quite anxious

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New Amish Furniture Trends for 2020

Finally: The annual Northern Indiana Woodworkers Association Expo was green lit after being delayed by COVID-19!  I was so excited to go that my dad Jacob, who owns the store, and I drove the nearly 2800 km straight from Calgary to Shipshewana in just two days. Due to our store s

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